Apps `could help millions` save money on car insurance

Millions of drivers could potentially save money by using smartphone apps that monitor how safely they drive, according to insurance industry bosses.

PAYD - A new era in car insurance pricing

PAYD provides a much more immediate feedback loop to the driver, by changing the cost of insurance dynamically with a change of risk .In 5-15 years, a large share of car insurance market will use PAYD as pricing method

Social justice and usage based insurance

Usage based insurance through a smart box that tracks driving habits will reduce
premiums for careful drivers. Insurers will benefit from additional information that is
fed to them. The Commissioner of Insurance will adopt it because of its fairness.

Safety correlation and Implications of an In-vehicle Data Recorder

Presentation (TRB Annual Meeting, Jan 2007) based on paper by
Oren Musicant, Ben Gurion University Israel
Tsippy Lotan, Or Yarock Israel
Tomer Toledo, Technion Israel

Car insurance: satellite boxes `make young drivers safer`

Car insurance based on satellite technology has led to a 20% fall in crashes involving young drivers, according to one of the UK`s biggest general insurers. Telematics, or "black box" insurance, involves in-car tracking equipment to monitor driving behaviour such as braking and acceleration, cornering, speed and what time of day the car is driven. The data is then used to calculate insurance premiums: the better the driving, the lower the premium.